There are some things you just don't lie about. An Ontario man is being charged for blocking a police investigation after pretending that his wife had been diagnosed with COVID-19. Chatham-Kent Police was assessing an incident involving the man's wife and they now believe the husband made the statement in an attempt to get his wife out of the sticky situation.

According to a release by CKPS, back in April, officers had responded to a collision on John Street in Chatham where a 55-year-old woman had hit a parked car.

As police investigated, a roadside test was done and she was given a three-day license suspension. Her husband then told police that she had been diagnosed with COVID-19 by their family doctor.

As a result of the apparent lie, the two responding officers were forced to temporarily stand down from their duties and made to self-isolate.

According to CBC, the woman had been drinking before crashing into the car.

CKPS now believes that this statement was made in "an attempt to alter the investigation."

"Through investigation, police learned that the woman had not tested positive for COVID-19 and the officers were able to return to work seven days later," reads part of the release.

Their cruiser also had to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before it was used again, and their two portable radios were also taken out of service in case of COVID-19 contamination.

As for the 55-year-old husband, he was arrested and charged with obstructing police, mischief and fraud under $5000. Although he was released, he has a court date set for him on August 7, 2020.

This is just the latest incident of an Ontario resident apparently weaponizing the idea of COVID-19.

In recent months, more and more people are retaliating against police in Ontario, using the virus as an excuse and even spitting on officers to avoid being arrested.

Not long ago, a Brampton worker told his employer that he caught the virus due to having close contact with someone infected. The business was forced to close as a precaution before they found out it was all a lie.

In an incident at the other end of the scale, one family who actually tested positive for COVID-19 lied to Bell Canada after passing all of the health screening questions the company asks before sending someone to the house.

Bell only found out after the customers felt bad and called saying they had lied about the health of one of their family members.


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