Early on Friday morning, a CN train derailed in Ontario causing train traffic and public worry. CN Rail officials have confirmed the incident that occurred this morning and has issued a statement. 

The train derailed inside the Port Huron-to-Sarnia rail tunnel near the St. Clair River on Friday morning. The train was confirmed to be carrying dangerous goods during the derailment. However, CN Rail officials did confirm on Facebook that there were no injuries and no threats to public safety.

According to CBC News, approximately 30 rail cars were involved in the incident and at least one of which was carrying dangerous goods. The derailment has caused train traffic.

James Freed, Port Huron city manager, stated "My office is actively monitoring the train derailment within the international train tunnel. There were no injuries. At this time there is no threat to public safety in the surrounding area. Please avoid the area as we work with our bi-national partners at the scene. Homeland Security, Emergency Management and regional stakeholders have been briefed."

It looks like crews are already at the tunnel responding to the derailment since this morning. As Freed said, there is no public safety threat at this time. 

Locals have already begun flooding the post with gratitude for the update and claims hoping that no one was injured in the incident. As Freed stated, there were no injuries in the derailment.

It's still not clear what caused the train to derail.

More to come.

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