The time for widespread testing is now, says Doug Ford. On Friday, the Premier reminded everyone that you can and should get a COVID-19 test in Ontario if you think you need one. Not only is it recommended, but Ford says it's "absolutely critical" to do so.

His statement comes after Ontario reported the highest daily increase in cases in two weeks on May 22.

Ford said that he hasn't seen lineups at the testing centre he passes on his way to work and expressed concern.

He said he is willing to do whatever it takes to boost testing. Sending robocalls to Ontarians letting them know that tests are becoming more accessible is one possibility. 

"We have a strategy, we are moving forward with that strategy to make sure we get as many people tested as possible," he said.

"We encourage people if you have symptoms, go to the assessment centres. Go and get tested, we encourage it, no one is going to be refused. Please go there," he added.

"Please go out and get tested, it is absolutely critical, absolutely critical."

The province also wants to ramp up the advertising around the importance of COVID-19 assessments in Ontario.

Earlier this week, Ford said that the province is going to be testing people who don't even have symptoms of COVID-19. He says we can expect an announcement on this next week.

"I know the last few days it has gone up and it's concerning. These are things you are up all night thinking about," he said about Friday's jump in cases.

"We're going to see some peaks and valleys but hopefully we're going to see the trend go down."

Ford also expressed support for initiatives in Windsor, Ontario, where health units will be conducting random pop-up tests starting next week.

The goal of the pop-ups is to determine whether or not community spread is still happening in the area.

If you're concerned about possible exposure to the disease, the government of Ontario has an online self-assessment you can do at home.

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