Police are warning dog owners in Ontario to take caution while bringing their pets to parks in their area after numerous attempts to injure animals have been reported across the province. Toronto and Ottawa dog owners are asked to take extra caution after multiple reports have been made that dogs are being subjected to a variety of dangerous attacks throughout those areas. Anyone with information on these attacks is asked to contact police. 

Earlier this weekend, Toronto Police issued a public safety alert after a poisonous substance that kills animals was found in peanut butter in a park in North York.  

Police were called to the area of Cassandra Greenbelt after multiple wild animals were found deceased throughout the area. After investigation, police believe that this harmful substance was placed in peanut butter to target animals and are looking to identify the person who is responsible for the dispersal of this substance. 

Police warn to take extra caution while bringing your child or dog to the parks near this location, as the poison is dangerous if consumed. If your child or animal starts to experience any unusual symptoms, police advise to seek emergency medical assistance. 

Dog owners in Ottawa are also facing a similar issue this weekend, as residents are warning not to bring your dogs to certain parts of the city due to targeted attacks. 

Mike Arsalides from CTV states that dog walkers and residents are reporting that someone has left shards of broken glass on pathways that were used by dogs to get access to the park and water at a dog park in Manotick. 

Residents are also reporting that white powder has also been spotted in this area that may be harmful to dogs. Residents believe that these are targeted attacks by someone who wishes that the dogs were not able to access this area. 

The affected areas of the park have since been roped off and cleaned, but residents are still concerned for the safety of their pets. 

Anyone with information in either of these cases is asked to contact local police immediately. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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