Since becoming Premier, Doug Ford and his government have been making a variety of cuts throughout Ontario in an attempts to bring the province out of debt. However, some of these cuts have been seriously concerning a variety of Ontarians as he continues to cut health care, education, tourism and a variety of other sectors. Today, Ford has announced that he will also be cutting $5 million from the Indigenous Culture Fund. 

According to CityNews,  Ford has announced that he will be cutting millions in the arts funding throughout the province in an attempts to trim the $11 billion deficit that the province is currently in. 

Ford announced that he will be cutting the "arts sector support" from $18.5 million to only $6.5 million. This will affect a variety of art and culture establishments and funds throughout the province, including $5 million that will be slashed from a fund that was originally used to support Indigenous culture. 

CityNews states that these funds were used for a variety of educational programs, including teaching indigenous women artistic and cultural practices such a porcupine quilling, an art form that was lost throughout many families due to the residential schools. 

Dawn Setford, president of the Aboriginal Arts Collective of Canada told CityNews that she worries that these cuts will limit the teachings that she will be able to do to help and preserve indigenous culture. 

Once Ontarians hear about the cuts that were being made to the Indigenous Culture Fund, many took to Twitter to express their concerns over the issue, some even stating that this was hurtful to the indigenous people of Canada. 

Of course, this isn't the only thing that Ford's government has cut in the past few months. Currently, Ford and the Toronto Mayor, John Tory are in a huge funding feud due to the amount of money that Ford is currently cutting from the Toronto budget. 

Tory states that about $177 million worth of cuts are being made that are directly targetting the city of Toronto in sectors such as public health, children's services, paramedics services, and Provincial gas funding. 

Ford has also made cuts to a variety of sectors throughout the province such as education and tourism. 


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