In a new effort to combat how much Ontarians spend on resources, Doug Ford's green energy decision has seen the province cut ties with the renewable sector. Ford said on Thursday, November 21 that he's "proud" of the move, which ends hundred of deals. Ford's government acknowledges that this could potentially cost taxpayers more than $230 million.

Ford took the chance to dismiss any talk that his government was wasting public money. His comments come a day after his provincial government spent $231 million to scrap 750 renewable energy programs in Ontario.

It was assured by Ford that cancelling those 750 deals, which were signed by the previous Liberal government, will ultimately save cash.

"I'm so proud of that," said the Premier on Thursday in terms of his decision.

"I'm proud that we actually saved the taxpayers $790 million when we cancelled those terrible, terrible, terrible wind turbines that really for the last 15 years have destroyed our energy file."

When contacted by Narcity, the Press Secretary of Ford's office, Ivana Yelich, stated: "Premier Ford was elected on a promise to put an end to the previous Liberal government's disastrous changes to Ontario's electricity system that led to skyrocketing electricity rates for Ontario families and businesses."

Later on Thursday, Ford doubled down on his view on wind turbines, saying, "if we had the chance to get rid of all the windmills, we would."

According to the Canadian Press, the government believes the province doesn't need those green power agreements and suggests it was driving up electricity rates.

Just a few weeks ago, Ontario Hydro rates were raised and bills have started to look a bit more expensive as winter makes its way into the province.

Ford's government doesn't have the final price of cancellations as of yet. However, the cost will include the decommissioning of a wind farm which was already under construction in Prince Edward County.

However, industry officials have gone against those savings because, according to them, the cancellations will lead to job losses for small businesses.

Meanwhile, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath described Ford's comments as "ridiculous." She also called on Ontario's auditor general to investigate the cancelled contracts and fees. 

"Every jurisdiction around the world is trying to figure out how to bring more renewables onto their electricity grids," Horwath said, per CP.

"This government is taking us backwards and costing us at the very least $231 million in tearing these energy contracts."

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