One thing is always certain about Doug Ford, he definitely knows how to get the province talking. Today was no different as multiple Ontarians took to Twitter in a heated discussion after Ford announced that Ontario should not be expected to do more than its 'fair share' when it comes to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. As Ford continues to define what his 'fair share' entails, Ontarians have wasted no time in tearing him apart on Twitter. 

According to CBC News, Ford has created a new provincial target for greenhouse gas emissions at a cut of 30%, which dropped from the 37% target that was put in place before Ford. While seven percentage points may not seem like a huge number, it actually means that 30 megatonnes of emissions will still be used within Ontario. 

While Ford cuts down the target for Ontario, he says he does it in hopes that other provinces will be able to catch up to Ontario and bring the number of greenhouse emissions to an all-time low as a nation.

However, according to CBC since Ontario is Canada's most populated province, it would be much more beneficial for Canada to achieve its target if Ontario was able to reduce its emissions more than the 30 per cent that Ford is proposing. 

Of course, this announcement comes the same day that the Ford government revealed cuts that are preventing 50 million trees from being planted. 

Narcity reported that the Ontario government is cancelling the 50 Million Tree Program that's goal was to reduce the amount of carbon in the air and preserve Ontario forests. These cuts will also put a toll on the number of greenhouse gases that are being pushed into our air, as trees are a means of recycling this carbon. 

After Ford's announcement, Canadians have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on whether Ford's 'fair share' actually seems fair at all, and a majority of Ontarians seem to agree that it does not. 

Many believe that Ford needs to take climate change more seriously, as it's an issue that needs to be worked on as much as possible. Many state that there is no such thing as 'fair share' when it comes to the environment. 

While many Ontarians have shown that they don't agree, based on Ford's policies, he believes that this is the best way for the nation to move forward when it comes to carbon emissions. 

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