It comes as no surprise that Doug Ford has been getting some hate from Ontarians recently. With his recent cuts to tourism and education, many Ontarians have voiced their angry opinions about these new changes. Today is no different as Ontarians learn about Doug Ford's newest initiative, cutting funding for stem cell research.  

According to CBC News, provincial officials announced to the Ontario Institution for Regenerative Medicine (OIRM) that $5 million of their yearly funding will be cut as of next March. The cuts come after Ford's government stated that this sector of medicine didn't need the help of the province. The government says instead, they could transfer into the private sector where others can invest in these research projects. 

However, the OIRM states that moving to the private sector is not feasible considering many private investors aren't willing to invest until a research project is in its late phases, making it nearly impossible to gain funding for early research projects. They told CBC that in order to get to these late phases of research, the provincial funding is absolutely crucial.

This lack of government funding could limit the medical studies that they are performing in order to better help the people of Ontario. 

Stem cell research is used to help progress a variety of medical treatments across Ontario. One researcher who receives funding from the OIRM uses to research stem cells and their use in preventing complications in premature births, helping to save babies lives. 

While other researches have also used stem cell research to aim at treating heart disease and degenerative brain disease, again with the goal of saving even more lives. 

Since the announcement, many Ontarians have taken to Twitter to express their opinions about this new funding cut. Even Rick Mercer posted a tweet earlier today stating, "Ford Government slashes funding for stem cell research in Ontario. Premier wishes he could back in time & shut down Banting & Best." 

Since this tweet, many Ontarians have also expressed their opinions, some even sharing how close to home this cut hits them, with family members needed stem cell transplants. 

While other Ontarians are just downright furious with this new decision. 

OIRM told CBC that they are hopeful that they could persuade the government to renew their funding before it stops in March. The funding cut was confirmed yesterday by Todd Smith, the Conservative Minister of Economic Development. This ministry was responsible for providing the funding. 

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