World-renowned teenage activist Greta Thunberg was very busy in September, but it seems she ended her month in relaxing fashion. Thunberg hung out with a giant pig named Esther — nicknamed Esther The Wonder Pig — and the two vegans seemed to get along well. Thunberg is still in Canada after the climate strike events in Montreal.

Esther rose to fame after her activist "parents", Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins, believed she was a "micro-pig". After finally reaching 600 pounds, it's safe to say they've been proven emphatically wrong on that score.

According to her official website — yep, that's right — Esther is vegan and helped to turn Walter and Jenkins vegan. She and her "dads" help rescue abandoned and abused farm animals through the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary. Esther has gained hundreds of thousands of followers from across the globe.

According to CTV News, Thunberg is still currently touring North America. After sailing across the Atlantic to speak at the UN Climate Action Summit and using Arnold Schwarzenegger's electric car to drive up north to Montreal, Thunberg made an important stop in the small Ontario community of Campbellville to visit Esther's sanctuary before she has to head home.

In an interview with Global News, Jenkins says Thunberg has been a fan of Esther's for some time now and asked to visit the animal during her trip to Canada. Jenkins thinks Thunberg went to visit her like-minded vegan friend to catch a bit of a break. "She didn't have a whole bunch of people in her face and she was able to relax and smile and be 16."

And, despite the language barrier, it seems Greta learned some lessons from Esther, too.

"I taught Greta my 'take a nap and forget about them' technique for handling bullies," reads a comment "from" Esther on a photo of her and Greta. "She mastered it quickly, though, so I just kept on napping."

According to VegNews, Thunberg received backlash on Esther's page — who'd have guessed, really? — but the pig's owners were quick to shut it down.

"This is a picture of a 16-year-old girl that is under more pressure than any of us can likely even fathom, enjoying a quiet day with a pig she loves, with cupcakes and a smile on their faces," reads a comment from Esther's official page.


It continues: "No matter what you think of our view on animals or Greta's view on the climate, if you can't see the joy in their faces and appreciate the fact that she came here to relax and smile (the same reason you all do) then I'm sorry, we have failed you in our mission to promote kindness for all kinds."

The two were pictured eating cupcakes but whether or not they remain friends is still unknown after this post: "We were gonna change the world together, but she took my last cupcake so the future of our alliance is uncertain."

Let's hope they clear it up!

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