The City of Hamilton has come up with a new way to get the attention of the younger generation. As more young Ontarians continue to get COVID-19, the city has launched a campaign that they are hoping those in their 20s will understand. Hamilton's distancing signs will now feature the most millennial objects in an attempt to get more people to keep their distance. 

According to city officials, as of June 12 people between 20-24 accounted for a whopping 44% of the new cases that were recorded over the previous 10 days.

Now, in an attempt to stop the spread in young locals, Hamilton has announced a new way to get people to social distance. 

A new campaign entitled Physically Distance Hamilton Style is being launched to engage young adults by showcasing more relatable units of measurement.

So far, the initiative has created 3 millennial-inspired social distancing posters that feature a French bulldog, cups of coffee, and a SoBi Bicycle.

According to the City of Hamilton, positives cases amongst young adults are being linked to living situations as most live with their families or roommates.

The city also noted that young people are just as likely to get COVID-19 as their parents.

However, because those in their twenties tend to experience milder symptoms that do not result in hospitalization or death, they are more inclined to risk exposure.

“The uptake of cases among people in their twenties is likely a result of not following physical distancing rules and other preventive measures such as hand hygiene and gathering limits,” a statement from the City of Hamilton reads.

“There could also be also be other reasons, such as, lack of effectively communicating in a way that resonates with this group, the priority of other needs such as maintaining social bonds/ the perception of the virus not being a serious threat / uncertainty of how to balance physical distancing with social norms,” it adds.

However, Hamilton isn't the only city that is seeing an uptick in cases for those in their 20s. 

Brampton's mayor Patrick Brown has recently stated that he is, "alarmed by the fact that when you look at the number of positive cases, we have a high number of young people from the ages 20-29 testing positive."

The news comes after the government of Ontario has announced that Hamilton can entre stage two of the reopening plan. 

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