Maxime Bernier's most recent campaign event, held at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, seemed to get a lot of attention and not all of it was positive. Protesters gathered outside of the venue both in support of and against the leader of the PPC. While police were present at the event, fights broke out between the opposing groups.

Protesters formed lines in front of the building in an attempt to keep people from entering. They also shouted, "Off our streets, Nazi scum." Four protesters were arrested in total for breach of peace. They were all later released unconditionally. At one point, a video was taken of protesters blocking the path of an elderly woman using a walker. 

The event was co-hosted by Dave Rubin, an American YouTube personality. On stage, Bernier and Rubin sat with two other PPC candidates and discussed the PPC's platform. According to CBC News, Bernier said that the candidates in his party "are not real politicians ... and that's great. People don't trust politicians anymore."

Rubin's inclusion in the event brought a separate controversy. On September 25, Rubin offered to pay the increased cost of security out of his own pocket. He wrote on Twitter, "I have just offered to cover the 10x security fee myself. cc: @BarrettWilson6 @GadSaad @MaximeBernier."

However, according to a complaint from Hamilton lawyer Craig Burley, Rubin's contribution would break election rules about accepting political donations from non-Canadians. 

"The donation of Mr. Rubin's services (he is a very well-known broadcaster with many tens or even hundreds of thousands of listeners) to this fundraiser event also constitutes a donation in kind to the PPC, local candidates, or the riding association," Burley wrote in his complaint, according to the Hamilton Spectator.

Maxime Bernier replied to Rubin's offer on Twitter, writing, "Thank you Dave, for your generosity and support in the battle for free speech in Canada. I look forward to our chat on Sunday!"

Mohawk College received criticism for hosting the event, although Bernier states that he was only there to express his opinions like anyone else, pointing specifically to the protesters who gathered outside. "They have the right to protest peacefully and I have a right to express our point of view," Bernier said, according to the Hamilton Spectator. "That's what we did."

The Canadian federal election is taking place on October 21. According to CBC's poll tracker, the PPC is polling at 2.7 percent as of September 30.

Narcity has reached out to the PPC for comment and we will update this story should we receive relevant information.

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