It may be spring cleaning season, but that doesn't mean you can dump your trash wherever you want. Communities all over the province have been seeing improperly disposed waste pile up in public areas over the past few weeks. The illegal dumping in Ontario is now becoming an issue as multiple drop-off facilities across the province have closed their doors. 

Large items such as couches, mattresses and old furniture have been spotted sitting on the side of the roads or in parks across the province. 

Although many drop-off locations are not operating right now, residents are being encouraged to leave large garbage on their own property until there is a safe way to dispose of it. 

The City of Toronto has been regularly reminding residents to properly dispose of their waste, especially frequently used garbage such as masks, gloves and tissues. 

Guelph's mayor, Cam Guthrie also made a public announcement about the amount of trash that had begun piling up in the city. 

"Unfortunately, there are some of you that are illegally dumping in our ditches, in our wetlands, in our forests in the city."

"It blows my mind. I have no idea why you would do that anytime, especially right now... knock it off."

Cities across Ontario have seen similar issues. Another pile of trash was spotted on the side of the road in Kitchener. 

"Sad to see illegal dumping of garbage and dog waste in our neighbourhood," wrote one Twitter user. 

A ticket for littering comes with a fine of $110 dollars, according to the OPP. 

Earlier this month, the police issued a ticket in Prince Edward County when they spotted a driver attempting to throw waste from their trunk onto the side of the road. 

Communities have also seen a drastic rise in face masks and gloves littered all over the floor in public places such as parking lots and sidewalks. 

Mounds of garbage have also been piling up outside of closed clothing donation boxes across Toronto. 

While everyone has some extra time to do some spring cleaning, it is important to make sure not to make a mess elsewhere. 

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