Change is hard, but nothing last forever and at some point, the past has to retire so the future can step into its place. Canadians have until September of this year to enjoy the beloved Maid of the Mist tour boats in Niagara Falls in their classic format for the last time. The company that runs the famous sightseeing operation announced on Tuesday that it would be replacing the decade-spanning vessels with a new, revamped fleet.

The new boats will be a step forward replacing the standard diesel-engine system with one sustained by high-capacity batteries.

The old vessels will remain on the water until fall, leaving tourists plenty of time to ride on the classic ships before they are replaced. The new boats won’t only be more environment-friendly; they are also getting a completely new design. The new vessels will feature a green colour scheme to represent its commitment to the environment.

Here's is what the new models will look like. It's worth noting that this is technically the US version, however, the design will be the same for the Canadian models

Perhaps the most innovative thing about the new vessels is that their batteries will be charged onshore and will only need a total of seven minutes of charging after each voyage.

According to the Weather Network, the company has stated that the new boats will offer a more pleasant experience for passengers who will no longer have to deal with the constant noise and fumes put out by the diesel engines.

The company will be retiring the Maid of the Mist VI, which first hit the water back in 1990 and the Maid of the Mist VII which came into play in back 1997. The Maid of the Mist is a historic attraction. It was first launched back in 1846 and remains one of the longest running attractions in North American history.

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