Winter might not be everyone's favourite season but being in Canada you have to expect it. While snowstorms, blizzard conditions and freezing temperatures aren't all that great, there are some beautiful things that come with the season. Niagara Falls in winter is so beautiful when the water starts to freeze.

Even though it's already felt like winter for a while in some parts of Canada, as of December 21, the season is officially here and so are all the beautiful things that come with it. 

Niagara Falls turns into an icy winter wonderland every year when the water freezes and the mist from the falls turn nearby lamp posts, railings, trees and more into ice sculptures.

Even though the build-up of ice can make it look like the falls have actually frozen over, it's really just an illusion because the water still flows.

It seems like the water has completely stopped moving but according to Niagara Parks records, the falls haven't frozen over since 1848 when a build-up from ice glaciers stopped the flow of water.

Now that winter is officially here, get ready to see the icy spectacle of ice-covered lamp posts and the illusion of the falls completely freezing.

It's so beautiful it might actually make you consider taking a trip just to see frozen water.

With the ice build-up on the falls and the surrounding areas, it's not only a great place to take pictures of the falls itself but the frozen landscape makes for some pretty spectacular selfies.

Plus, if there's a fresh snowfall while you're there it'll make it even more magical.

In the winter Niagara Falls is so beautiful during the day but once the sun sets there is a whole other level of winter magic. 

Every night you can see light displays that illuminate the falls and colours reflect off all the ice thanks to the Winter Festival of Lights

Plus, there are fireworks every Friday at 9:00 p.m., weather permitting, during the festival that goes until January 12, 2020.

As the season progresses Niagara Falls is only bound to get more beautiful since we're fully into winter now. 

With below normal temperatures and above average amounts of precipitation expected for the region, it's shaping up to be a great winter at the falls.

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