Most Ontarians have had the frustrating experience of losing something in our own homes. Whether it be your keys, wallet or phone, it's never a good time to tear apart your living room in hopes of finding it. However, while it may feel frustrating, it's not a real emergency. Yet, despite the lack of danger, an Ontario 911 call was made in London when someone couldn't find their television remote. 

London Police issued a Twitter statement last night reminding residents of the proper ways to use the emergency line and lost items weren't one of them. 

"Are you feeling like you've lost 'control'? Yes - we actually received a 9-1-1 call reporting a lost remote control. We can assure you that it is not even 'remote-ly' a crisis. Please remember to only call 9-1-1 in an emergency," London Police wrote in a tweet on Tuesday, January 22, 2020.

It didn't take long for the internet to chime in over the issue. One user, in particular, seemed oddly concerned over the incident "Well, did you find it?" they wrote.

A good-humoured police officer later updated the resident that the non-emergency had been resolved. "We can report that the caller DID find their remote...crisis averted."

A lack of punishment for those who misuse 911 has recently become a hot topic in Ontario.

Last week, Mississauga's city council called upon premier Doug Ford to enforce stricter penalties against anyone who makes a non-emergency call to the number.

"You see the ridiculousness of some of the calls that police have to cope with, tying up lines, and we're unable to process emergency calls," Mississauga's Mayor, Bonnie Crombie, said last week.

Province-wide Amber Alert system also brought light to the issue after emergency responders became flooded with calls complaining about the new system.

However, it seems that residents across the province are still using 911 for non-emergency related calls. 

Last month, the Hamilton Police released a list of calls that they had received, and one of them included contacting the hotline to ask them to help change out their carpet. 


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