Weed packaging has been an issue of contention for the Ontario Cannabis Store before and it seems that's not changing. The OCS is getting heat online for how they wrap and ship their products. More specifically, the people of Reddit have taken issue with the alarming wastefulness in Ontario cannabis packaging that they encounter when trying to buy legal weed.

A picture posted on Reddit compares the packaging and containers from OCS on the left with the air-sealed bags from CAFE, an unlicensed dispensary in Toronto.

"And you didn't even include the shipping packaging," said northdancer on Reddit. "I ordered a tiny bottle of 2.5mg capsules and they were shipped in a box. lol."

In order to make an effort to reduce the waste, one user tried to save the packaging, but that didn't come up as planned.

"I tried bulk ordering with a friend from OCS to try to save on packaging," said IndexObject on Reddit. "Instead of sending us one big pill bottle, they sent us five little ones."

"The waste is ridiculous," said one user. "I can't wait to unbox a shoebox for my edible cookie in October."

Although this comment was tongue-in-cheek, shoppers are obviously annoyed with the excessive use of plastics and unnecessary boxes that get shipped out.

Recycling itself is a sore topic in the province right now.

Just a few days ago, there were reports of Ontario's Blue Box Program getting kicked to the curb because of how hard it is to maintain the recycling system.

The OCS has actually published a blog post on how to recycle their packaging whether or not that makes a difference to the ongoing issue.

The OCS does appear to be aware of the criticism of its packaging after posting about it on its FAQ page.

According to the site, the packaging is planned in a way that attempts to ensure kids don't find it appealing. There are strict criteria regarding how it must be packaged which apparently means it is harder to use biodegradable materials that can cover all the necessary aspects.

But they do claim it can be recycled, which is a good thing! That also depends on where you live, though.

And if you were thinking of reusing the same containers your products came in, think again. Due to federal regulations, you're unable to reuse packaging since the products must come secured.

Unfortunately, it seems that, for now, there's not much you can do to limit the amount of plastic you get when ordering from the OCS. So, if you continue to buy legal weed, be sure to look into how best to properly get rid of whatever packaging it comes with.

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