Residents are now being warned by local police to stay alert as multiple Ontario COVID-19 scams continue to occur across the province. In the latest update, multiple police officials are warning that some scammers are even dressing up as officers in an attempt to make money from the pandemic. Some of these scammers have even handed out fake social distancing tickets. 

In a statement from York Regional Police, they warn residents to be on the lookout for fake officers who ask you to pay for a social distancing ticket right away. 

They warn that no officer would ever demand payment for these fines upfront.

"Fraudsters are impersonating police officers or government officials and pretending to impose COVID-19 fines, then asking the victim to pay on the spot," read the statement. 

"No legitimate official will ask for immediate payment," it concluded. 

However, it's not just York Region that is seeing this problem. 

According to the Peterborough Police's website, the city has also spotted the same issue.

"Fraudsters posing as police have been imposing on-the-spot fines to consumers wearing masks," it read.  

On top of that, OPP West Region also announced that they were on the lookout for a suspect who was accused of pulling people over in the Wellington, Ontario area and pretending to be a police officer.

The suspect was reportedly asking drivers to show proof of their essential worker status.  

"A suspect pulled over a driver last week to ask about 'essential worker' status, which the OPP does NOT do," says the tweet.

"Call 911 if you believe the person who pulled you over is not a police officer."

However, this is only one of the many scams that police have been reporting over the past few months. 

Back in March, police were also warning residents to be on the lookout for scammers who were going door to door in Toronto to sell fake COVID-19 testing kits. 

Other reports have also included phishing emails or texts with suspicious links, as well as offers to deliver groceries and then asking for credit card information, according to the Toronto Police website

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