If you've ever wanted to travel around the province of Ontario on a scooter, now may be your chance to do so. The Ontario Government announced on Wednesday that it's now working towards launching a pilot that could bring e-scooters to Ontario as early as January 1, 2020. However, which roads these scooters will be seen on is dependent on the city. 

According to the Ontario Government news release, a 5-year pilot project will be brought to Ontario in an attempt to help thousands of commuters who are travelling through busy cities every day. 

This means that starting next year, many Ontarians will be able to hop onto an electric scooter and travel throughout the city as an easy way to get from location to location.

This could easily replace your normal transit methods such as rental bikes or buses. 

While the project is expected to roll out in the next few months, it is still unclear where it will begin. 

According to the Ontario press release, it's up to the municipalities to choose whether they want the e-scooters to be allowed on their roadways, meaning that some cities may choose to ban them from hitting the roads before they are even launched. 

The popular vehicles have taken America by storm and can be spotted in 125 U.S. cities. 

However, it seems that Canada has already jumped on the bandwagon, with both Alberta and Quebec testing these electric scooters out under pilot conditions. 

According to the Ontario Government, this move is to help promote their motto, "Ontario open for business."

In the press release, they state the initiative "will give people a new, clean and green way to get from point A to point B in their communities."

While you could be on an e-scooter by the new year, this pilot will only allow those over the age of 16 to legally ride them. 

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