If you’ve been using Ontario’s empty roads to live out your Mario Kart dreams, you might want to proceed with caution. The OPP is cracking down on road safety this week with a widespread Ontario enforcement blitz. Officers will be on the lookout for bad driving behaviours, including distracted and aggressive driving. 

As Canada's Road Saftey Week kicks off, you might want to make sure you are following the speed limits and have your phone out of reach. 

From May 12 until May 18, police officers across the province will be cracking down on the "big 4" contributors to collisions in Ontario, which include speeding, aggressive driving, distracted driving and impaired driving, according to Toronto Police. 

According to Halton Police, an "elevated level of enforcement" will be on the roads from Tuesday until the end of the long weekend. 

Not only will police be using targeted enforcement to help catch drivers who as not following the rules of the roads, but they will also be using the week to help increase public awareness of safe driving practices. 

While the initiative only started on May 12, some local police are already sharing their success with the blitz on Twitter. 

OPP officer Kerry Schmidt posted a video on Twitter of himself tracking the speeds of cars that drove on the highway below him on Monday.

While London Police stated that they were able to catch two drivers for stunt driving over the weekend. 

The safety week comes after stunt driving cases have been rising across the province, with police reporting an unusually high number of speeding tickets this year.

Last weekend, the OPP confirmed that an 18-year-old driver had been charged with street racing after he was caught driving 308 kilometres an hour in his dad's car.

According to CityNews, the OPP has also reported an increase in fatal collisions. A total of 71 people have died on police patrolled roads compared to the 61 deaths that were recorded during the same time last year.

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