Typically long weekend traffic drives gas prices way up but in a refreshing twist, Ontario gas prices are set to drop for the long weekend. According to Dan McTeague from GasBuddy, the average price of gas in Ontario is going down but we'll have to wait until tomorrow.

On his Twitter, McTeague announced that most on Ontario, including Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, London, Barrie, Niagara, Kingston, and Sudbury would see a two cent hike this Saturday, which is definitely not good news. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

McTeague also reveals that on Sunday, which is tomorrow, gas prices in Ontario will actually drop. To make it even better, the lower price will stick around from Sunday until Wednesday, meaning you may not break the bank if you're doing a mini road trip this long weekend, but if you can, you'll want to wait until tomorrow to fill up the tank. 

While there isn't a drastic change in gas prices this weekend, this decrease is a promising sign for Ontario. According to Gas Buddy, the average price of gas in Ontario has been fluctuating in the past month, following a major increase at the end of April. 

At the end of April and into the beginning of May gas prices in Ontario rose drastically, by 10 cents/litre to sit at an average around 130 cents/litre. Since then they have been falling slightly, but can't seem to escape the high 120s. While this upcoming price drop won't pull prices much further down, it at least means they won't continue to rise, for now. 

The same can't be said for the rest of Canada. According to Gas Buddy's price charts, Ontario's average gas price is around four cents lower than the national average gas price. Meanwhile, Ontario's gas price has more or less plateaued in the last few days while the national average continues to trend upwards. 

What's even worse than the national average gas price is the average price for BC right now. According to Gas Buddy, the average price of gas in British Columbia is currently around 144 cents/litre. This is almost 15 cents higher than the national average and almost 20 cents higher than Ontario's average. Unlike Ontario, BC's prices show no sign of dropping. 

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