Ford’s government has confirmed that a pilot project which will raise speed limits on Ontario's 400-series highways will launch on Thursday, September 26. The Ontario highway speed change will raise limits from 100 to 110 km/h on select routes. The pilot was first announced back in May.

“If you look back on the history of why speed limits were set where they were, back in the ’70s there was an energy crisis, and in order to conserve fuel they lowered the speed limits on our highway system, and it stayed that way ever since,” Former Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek said about the initiative earlier this year.

According to an Ontario government news release, six other provinces in Canada have posted speed limits of 110 km/h or higher on some highways.

CityNews reports that the speed limit increase is meant to help Ontario align with other provinces by returning it to its previous limits, which were updated back in 1975.

Ontario's Highway 402 between London and Sarnia, the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) between St. Catharines and Hamilton, and Highway 417 between Ottawa and the Quebec border will have their speed limits raised as of September 26.

CAA has also announced their support for the changes, as well as their commitment to help keep Ontario's roads among "the safest in North America." 

Ontario's Ministry of Transportation will be installing enhanced signs and safety messages on affected routes to ensure that the public is aware of the changes. Mulroney also noted that the project will include public consultations on the impact of the updated speed limits. 

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