Early Sunday morning Owen Sound Police Service dealt with a distressing call as an Ontario man set fire to his apartment before barricading himself and his 9-year-old daughter inside. The apartment building and those adjacent to it were evacuated as police and rescue units attempted to mediate the situation. Eventually, police were able to negotiate the safe release of the daughter. 

In a press release by Owen Sound Police Service, it's revealed that at around 12:10 AM on Sunday, Owen Sound Police Service responded to a call along with the Owen Sound Fire Service at an apartment building located at 944 2nd Avenue East in Owen Sound. They attended the scene after receiving information that smoke was filling the hallways of the apartment building. 

After arriving on the scene, police and fire were able to determine that the smoke was coming from inside one of the apartment units. Once discovering where the fire was coming from, police attempted to inspect the area when the resident of the unit became unresponsive and barricaded himself inside the apartment where the fire was located. 

Police state that when he barricaded himself in the unit, he was with his 9-year-old daughter and that he was also in possession of weapons. 

The apartment building, as well as the residents in the buildings adjacent to it, were all evacuated as police and other emergency services attempted to deal with the situation. 

As police attempted to negotiate with the man, they were eventually able to get the man to agree to safely release his daughter, yet he remained inside of the unit. 

Police state that they continued to negotiate with the man until 5:00 AM, five hours after the ordeal first started, and during these negotiations, the suspect was throwing smoke bombs at the emergency response teams.  

At 5:00 AM the suspect was finally taken into custody and was charged with multiple charges including Arson, Utter Threats, Possess of Weapons and Mischief. 

The man is expected to be in court sometime on Sunday morning. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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