So far, 2020 has been a crazy year already but there is some good news. Almost every province and territory will see more wages coming in. However, the Ontario minimum wage increase won't even make it the highest in Canada.

For most places in the country, minimum wage is usually reviewed and increased every year on a certain date.

Ontario is the latest province to announce a rise in the compensation workers get, but even with that growth, it's only the fourth highest in the country for 2020.

Nunavut overtook Alberta as having the highest minimum wage in the country with an increase that was announced on March 12.

Workers there now get $16 an hour in compensation, a $3 increase.

Alberta currently has a $15 minimum wage that went into effect back in 2018 and it's the second-highest in the country.

There has been no indication yet on if that will go up this year or if it'll stay the same.

In B.C., the pay rate will be bumped up to $14.60 on June 1 and workers there can look forward to another increase to $15.20 in 2021.

Then April 1, Ontario announced that minimum wage would rise by 25 cents to $14.25.

However, because of B.C.'s increase, it pushed Ontario down to having the fourth-highest hourly rate in the country.

After Ontario, there's Yukon. As of April 1, the lowest possible pay there was increased to $13.71 per hour.

In the Northwest Territories, the hourly rate is set at $13.46 and there has been no announcement of an increase for 2020.

Then comes Quebec with a $13.10 minimum wage when the increase goes into effect on May 1.

P.E.I. follows after with $12.85 which was raised as of April 1.

In Nova Scotia, the hourly rate is now $12.55 which is a $1 increase from the previous wage amount.

Currently, in Newfoundland & Labrador, workers get $11.65 an hour which came into effect on April 1 but before the year is over, there will be another increase to $12.15 an hour.

That will give the province the fourth lowest minimum wage in Canada.

In New Brunswick, the hourly rate for workers in $11.70 which increased on April 1.

Manitoba is second to last when it comes to the minimum that workers have to be paid.

The wage amount there is $11.65 and there has been no word on if an increase will be coming in 2020.

Right now, Saskatchewan has the lowest minimum wage in Canada but that could change.

Workers get $11.32 an hour currently but any increase is announced annually either on or before June 30 so things could be looking up!

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