It seems that some Ontarians have found a way to use their coughs as weapons during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past few weeks, the province has seen plenty of its essential workers being assaulted with both coughs and spitting. Ontario police officers, in particular, have been dealing with this all over the province and are now charging a variety of suspects for the crime. 

While police have been working hard to keep our province safe, they've also been dealing with several suspects who are using the virus to their advantage. 

Earlier this week, Hanover police dealt with a disruptive 30-year-old who is accused of intentionally coughing on officers "in an exaggerated way" and "indicating that he had COVID-19."

The man is now facing numerous charges after initially being detained for damaging a motel door.

However, this isn't the only case that officers have been dealing with since the pandemic started. 

A Wingham man intentionally coughed on a Huron County OPP officer last Thursday, after police were called to his home to investigate a "mental health incident."

Blackburn News reported that investigators were on-site responding to a domestic violence situation when the incident occurred.

A 24-year-old woman was taken into custody after she was caught spitting and coughing on an officer in Ottawa earlier this week. 

However, it's not just Ontario that is dealing with this issue.

According to Tri-City News, Coquitlam RCMP detained a B.C. man on Monday after he tried breaking into the home of an elderly couple. He reportedly coughed into the faces of several officers while being detained.

While authorities continue to deal with these assaults, so are other workers in the essential workforce. 

Last month, an LCBO worker was coughed on by a customer who was "annoyed" by the new safety measures that were put in place throughout the store.

Last week, a grocery store clerk in Ontario was spat on and assaulted after a customer grew "impatient" with the long line in front of them. Guelph police are looking for two suspects involved in the incident.

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