If you're thinking about going for a drive this week, you might want to stay inside your neighbourhood. Residents of the northern part of the province are now being asked to self-isolate for 14 days if they decide to leave the city. In all of Ontario, self-isolation is mandatory for two weeks if one has been out of the country, but now it is also becoming a localized suggestion.

Two regions of northern Ontario have already asked their residents to not leave the city, in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

On their website, the Timiskaming Health Unit "recommends that all Timiskaming residents limit non-essential travel outside the district."

It is not required, but public health officials have been pushing for it, according to CBC

Residents of Algoma have also been asked to not travel between local communities. The message was shared via a tweet from their public health twitter account. 

"It applies to residents of the Algoma district as well. #StayHome," says their caption. 

If residents do choose to travel outside of the region, health officials are now recommending that they go into self-isolation.

According to Dr. Jennifer Loo, the associate medical officer of health for Algoma, while staying at home after travel isn't mandatory, it is strongly recommended. 


"Staying home for those 14 days is not just about following the rules that are in place, it's also about understanding risk," she told CBC.

"And what we want to do is arm ourselves with good information, so beyond following the minimum rules people can be empowered to make additional choices and decisions that protect them and the community around them."


Currently, each province has it's own regulations on travel restrictions.

In Quebec, the requirements are more severe, with highway checkpoints put in place to stop people from engaging in non-essential travel into the province. 


Manitoba has also put up highway checkpoints to inform residents of the rules behind COVID-19.  

While Ontario has not implemented these measures, they have been creating harsh penalties for those who don't take social distancing seriously.  You can now face up to a year in prison for violating protocols. 

Residents of the GTA have already been slapped with some hefty tickets of $880 each in the past couple of weeks. 

Even going for a drive is being discouraged across the province and in neighbouring provinces as well. 

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