We asked and Mother Nature has provided! As the province experiences colder-than-normal weather across the region, some Ontario summer weather is finally expected to kick in this weekend and into next week with temperatures almost reaching the 30-degree mark. But with heat comes humidity and so do thunderstorms for most of the week.

Still, though, after what we've been putting up with lately, this is something to look forward to.

Temperatures in southern Ontario are expected to reach the high teens starting into Friday, May 15 and throughout the weekend, according to The Weather Network.

For Victoria Day, it'll feel like 19 degrees. Perfect weather to stand outside and watch fireworks from the comfort of our homes, something which Toronto Mayor John Tory aims to accomplish.

As for the rest of the week, temperatures will remain in the mid-20s, reaching a high of 24 C, feeling like comfortably 27 C. On some days, it may even feel like 30 C.

No complaining over here!

In fact, Global News' Anthony Farnell suggested that talk of the Humidex will replace the dreaded wind chill.

"Temperatures in the mid to upper 20's. Humidex in the low 30's. No complaining about the sudden summer weather please...." wrote Farnell.

And with that humidity comes a high chance of thunderstorms as temperatures experience a sudden change.

Indeed, TWN notes that while the Humidex in Toronto will likely not exceed the high 20s, in nearby places like Hamilton, it's expected to break the 30 C mark by late next week.

Ontario has experienced a rollercoaster of weather in the past few weeks, from spring-like conditions to record-breaking cold.

Most of the province even experienced a polar vortex in May, causing frost advisories and below-freezing temperatures.

On Tuesday, Toronto's weather was so cold it broke records for the coldest May 12 on record.

Apparently, the last time this record was broken was during the Great Depression. Jeez.

It seems like this month is one for the record books!

Back on May 5, Toronto had its first below-zero May temperature in 15 years.

And the majority of southern Ontario got hit with more snow than they would have ever wanted in the month of May.

So much snow fell that one family in Sudbury, Ontario, decided to get creative and make a massive COVID-19 snow sculpture.

Hopefully, we can put this cold weather behind us but as Canadian weather truly is unpredictable, we can never be certain.

Time to dig out those shorts.

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