Cawthra Park Secondary School in Mississauga recently informed its Grade 11 students that they would need to reselect their courses for Grade 12 in an attempt to adapt to provincial cutbacks. The high school is expected to lose five teachers and 30 course sections as a result of the reductions. As a result of increasing class sizes, many school districts are bracing for Ontario teacher layoffs, including the Peel District School Board. 

As a result of the cutbacks, Cawthra Park has been forced to cut a number of courses. According to the Toronto Star, both applied and academic Grade 9 science has been removed due to the provincial cuts. The school will also be cutting a Grade 10 math course designed for struggling students. Cawthra Park's art students also took a hit as the school scrapped several sections of music and dance classes.

A report from CP24 revealed last week that 176 elementary and 193 high school teachers employed by the Peel District School Board had been given layoff notices. After August 31st of this year, these teachers will no longer have permanent positions.

It is estimated that 3,500 teachers will lose their jobs due to Ford's government changes to education. However, according to the Toronto Star, other estimates have suggested that number will be closer to 10,000.

The PC government will be putting up $1.6 billion to prevent Ontario teacher layoffs as a result of the changes to classroom sizes. A government source explained to CTV that Education Minister Lisa Thompson would be issuing a directive to boards Friday to tell them not to lay off any teachers because of the recent changes to classroom sizes.

Thompson had previously assured the school board that no teachers would "involuntarily" lose their job due to the cutbacks. The $1.6 billion in attrition is meant to protect teachers from being laid off as a result of the increase to class sizes.

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