Environment Canada has issued multiple special weather alerts for numerous regions of Ontario in anticipation of Friday's significant rainfall.  An active storm is being tracked over southern Ontario, and meteorologists are forecasting heavy rainfall for the beginning of the Easter long weekend. Ontario weather alerts are being issued ahead of the storm.

The Weather Network has announced that risks of thunderstorms over the next several days are met with summer-like temperatures.  Certain regions of Ontario will hit the 20°C mark by Friday, but we won't be able to revel in the heat, as rounds of heavy rain have prompted a heightened threat of flooding across the province.  There is also an increased risk of hydroplaning, as water builds between wheels of vehicles and road surfaces.

"Thursday will be our warmest day of the spring thus far across most of our region, the big question for today is how long can we hold on to some sunshine?," reported Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

Most regions of Ontario will experience an increase in temperatures into the upper teens, especially during the sunny breaks in the afternoon on Thursday.

According to The Weather Network, Northern Niagara is the region that is most likely of seeing temperatures that exceed 20°C.  But a southerly wind that will cross the Great Lakes will cause the areas surrounding Lake Erie and along Lake Ontario's north shore to feel chillier temperatures.

Toronto will see up to 35 mm of rain on Friday and possibly an additional 10 mm on Saturday, indicates the current forecast

"Many areas reach their high temperatures early in the morning on Friday and then temperatures will slowly fall through the day," says Gillham.

The Weather Network explained that while Thursday will be mostly rain-free, southern Ontarians can expect to see rain during the evening hours, continuing through most of Friday.  And due to all the moisture in the air, forecasters predict thunderstorms and heavy downpours to dampen the the beginning of the weekend.

Across central and northeastern Ontario, however, more persistent patterns of rainfall are expected, with numerous rainfall warnings currently in effect.

Environment Canada warned the public, "Localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible.  Don't approach washouts near rivers, creeks and culverts. Keep children and pets away from creeks and river banks."

Take a look at the estimated accumulation of rainfall through Saturday in Ontario:

During the first half of the day on Saturday, Ontario is in for even more rain, especially in cottage country.  According to The Weather Network, the three days of heavy rain this weekend will result in a total accumulation of up to 75 mm of rainfall - with the potential for even more in areas that experience thunderstorms. There are many regions of the province that are currently under a special weather alert.

This weekend's forecast isn't completely bad news, however.  Gillham reported that Sunday will be the driest day of the weekend.  Even though we may end up seeing a few scattered rain showers, sunshine is expected for parts of the day, and daytime highs will likely end up being several degrees higher than seasonal.

The dramatic high and low temperature swings will likely persist throughout the rest of the month. 

"Therefore, any shots of cooler weather will not take as far below seasonal, and more warmth will show up at times," Gillham explained, commenting that above-seasonal temperatures look to be prevalent throughout May.

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