It is going to be a chaotic morning for drivers on Wednesday as Ontario weather continues to bring in some major snowfall. According to The Weather Network, the GTA is in for a whopping 20 cm of snow today as another winter storm sweeps across the region. Special weather alerts are warning that roads will be slippery, visibility will be low, and travel times will be impacted as a result of the heavy snowfall.

So, if you're travelling on the roads today, be sure to exercise caution.

"Visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow. There may be a significant impact on rush hour traffic in urban areas," reads a statement by Environment Canada.

Not only are Ontarians being warned about low visibility, but the OPP took to Twitter on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, to warn motorists to "go slow" to avoid causing accidents during the snowstorm.

The Highway Safety Division reported that a transport truck had already rolled over on Highway 8 northbound ramp to Highway 7 eastbound.

The road, which shut down at 6:24 a.m., will be closed for 2-3 hours until reopening. Thankfully, No injuries were reported as a result of the accident.

"We've only got two crashes on the go across the GTA, one of them is from a transport truck rollover we are dealing with that on Highway 8 northbound to Highway 7 eastbound, that is going to be there for a couple of hours as we clean up all the steel coils and debris that fell off that flatbed as it rolled over," said Sgt Kerry Schmidt of the OPP.

Schmidt also noted that the second crash had taken place on Highway 401 near Markham Road. However, details on that incident are still sparse.

However, due to the accidents, Schmidt is also warning that traffic is moving slow throughout Highway 8. 

Unfortunately, weather conditions aren't expected to improve until Sunday, as snow squalls push through the province.

Weather experts are describing the event as "one of the most impactful" snowfalls of the season. So, bundle up.

"It will really feel and look like winter," explains Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

Luckily, spring is on its way and the Old Farmer's Almanac predicts that temperatures will be warmer than normal this year across Ontario. 

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