Although parts of Ontario have seen some sunny spring weather over the past few weeks, it looks like winter is not finished with us just yet. A cold front is now passing through parts of the province and it's expected to bring a bunch of wet snow along with it. On Friday, Ontario weather is calling for up to 10 centimetres of snow in some areas. 

According to The Weather Network, most of southern Ontario will be hit with up to 15 millimetres of rain throughout Thursday. As the cold starts to move in on Friday, so will the flurries. 

While the GTA will see up to 10 millimetres of rain on Thursday, TWN predicts that not much snow will be seen in the area, so Torontonians shouldn't need to pull out their winter boots.  

However, areas such as Ottawa and Kitchener can expect to see up to five centimetres of snow throughout the morning

Algonquin Park and Bancroft areas can expect to see as much as 10 centimetres of the white stuff in their regions, which may turn this Easter weekend into a winter wonderland. 

"Cooler temperatures behind the low will be chilly enough for accumulating snow at high-elevation areas," TWN predicts.

Temperatures will also be falling substantially by Friday, with a high of 6 C in Toronto that is going to feel like 1 C.

The wind chill is what's going to be making the falling temperatures feel even colder. Ontario can expect gusty winds of 50 to 70 kilometres an hour.

The bad weather is supposed to continue on into the weekend and even into next week.

Sunday night and Monday could bring in a Texas low, which will bring cold temperatures into the Golden Horseshoe.

Cold weather will "dominate the rest of the week and well into the following week, bringing an extended stretch of colder-than-seasonal temperatures," according to the Weather Network. 

Some Ontarians even woke up to a fresh layer of snow on Thursday morning in the Niagara and Timmins area. 

Looks like the warm spring weather will be taking a break for the foreseeable future.

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