The province's new COVID-19 numbers on Wednesday don't make for great reading. As the death toll keeps rising, hitting another overnight record, Ontario's COVID-19 testing rate has not even reached half of Premier Doug Ford's daily goal of 13,000. The province says just over 6,000 new tests were completed in Wednesday's updates.

According to the province's dedicated COVID-19 page, Ontario currently has over 8,000 cases. Almost 500 new instances were confirmed since yesterday, a 6.2% increase.

But, as far as testing rates go, the province has not even reached half of the daily goal that was outlined by Ford just last week.

The premier came out firing on Wednesday, April 8, criticizing his province's comparatively slow testing rate. There, he called for the daily number of tests to be increased to 13,000, "starting tomorrow."

That was touted by some as a big, big ask, and the latest figures of 6,010 represent under 50% of that aim.

According to Global News, the testing numbers are almost certain to progress more slowly than what was announced since public health officials are worried about using up testing supplies.

By April 15, officials say testing will rise to 8,000, to 12,500 by April 22, and then to 16,000 by May 6, via Global.

According to CP24, the province's backlog of tests seem to be being processed faster than before.

And Newstalk1010's Lucas Meyer suggests the premier's office does aim to reach that lower 8,000 testing target by today for tomorrow's April 16 update.

It had previously been established there is a delay in the statistics available regarding COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the number of cases listed as "under investigation" has actually doubled from 2,107 to 4,429 in the last 24 hours.

In total, Ontario says it has now checked just under 120,000 people for the virus.

As the province of Ontario is expected to reach its peak in cases this week, testing will rise along with it.

One obstacle to Ford's wish to reach 13,000 daily tests may be a shortage of key medical supplies, despite groups such as provincial students stepping up by creating personal protective equipment for frontline health workers.

With cases rising, it is important to preserve when needed the most.

Ontario health staff warned on Monday, April 13 that the province is likely to hit its COVID-19 "peak" this week.

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