Across Ontario, people are finding new ways to adapt to physical distancing and the isolation lifestyle. Some businesses have come up with a creative way to keep serving customers from a distance, and it’s peak Canada. It turns out hockey equipment doesn’t just come in handy on the ice. Ontario’s hockey stick payment terminals will keep you both safe and patriotic.

It looks like Ontarians are fighting COVID-19 with the most Canadian weapon possible: a hockey stick.

Businesses have taken the "hockey stick length" apart rule quite literally, and are now using an actual hockey stick to deliver payment terminals to customers.

Photos of machines taped to the end of a hockey stick and stuck through car windows across the province are popping up on the internet. 

Some photos appear to be taken at drive-thru windows, while others show gas station employees using the sticks to receive payments from a distance.

There have also been tweets about this new Canadian trend, with reports of these hockey stick machines being spotted at Dairy Queen and Harvey's.

Canadian-ness is prevailing through these difficult times.

One man even shared a photo on Facebook of a hockey stick being used to pass a terminal over at a Harvey's drive-thru in Kingston, Ontario.

Another shared a photo from Chatham, Ontario, of a worker using a hockey stick to help practice social distancing. 


The "Caremongering" trend has spread throughout the nation, encouraging people to support one another during the pandemic.

Hotels have lit up with hearts to spread love and heartwarming sidewalk chalk messages are encouraging people to stay positive.

The CN Tower is lighting up every night with a colourful show to brighten spirits across the 6ix.

While times may be hard, our patriotism and Canadian-ness is keeping us united, one hockey stick length at a time.

Next time you visit a drive-thru, don't be surprised if from the window, a hockey stick emerges instead of an arm.

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