Summer is officially on its way out. Ontario’s fall forecast was released on Monday, Sept. 16, and it’s got both good news and bad news, depending on your favourite season. Autumn has come earlier than most Canadians wanted it to come this year, but weather experts predict that winter weather will be delayed.

According to The Weather Network, Canada will see an extension of warmer weather before winter arrives. So, you can rock a lighter jacket for at least the next two and a half months before having to worry about busting out your parka and toque.

Ontario is particular is going to see an extended period of mild weather. However, temperatures in the province are predicted to drop periodically throughout the fall season, with cold weather offsetting the warm. Ontarians should also enjoy fall while we can because we're predicted to be hit with a colder than average winter this year. It's predicted that consistent winter weather isn’t going to show up until January.

Winter is coming late. However, weather experts are uncertain whether this December will result in a mild pattern across Canada or if the colder air will bring a more active stormy atmosphere.

So, December is a bit of toss-up, but regardless of how the holiday season weather turns out, winter may not be at its worst until February and March.

It’s worth noting that weather patterns can change a lot in a couple of months. Residents should stay tuned for the winter forecast, released in November, for updates on what to expect this winter.

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