No days off for this guy! A hardworking beaver was captured on video in Markham on Friday, hauling lumber like nobody's business. Although many of us are stuck inside, Ontario's recent wildlife sightings are adorable reminders that our animal friends are thriving right now. 

In a video shared with The Weather Network, a passerby up in the Markham region was able to capture the moment where a beaver was seen effortlessly breaking a tree branch in half.

The determined critter didn't mind the attention, either. It wasn't phased by the person filming as it dragged the branch that was practically twice its size.

Whether it was maintaining its home or making a new one, it isn't clear. Regardless, it's fun to watch the little builder in action.

It seems like Ontario's wildlife is making more of a statement than ever before these days. The province has had its fair share of wildlife encounters lately, even in busy cities like Toronto.

A big black bear was seen strolling through the Fallowfield Park and Ride in Ottawa, Ontario as if it were nothing. Maybe trying to hitch a ride into the city?

In Toronto, a family of foxes has caused quite the stir after making part of the Woodbine Beach boardwalk their new home.

They've gained so much attention that the city and Toronto Wildlife Centre had to add fencing to avoid larger gatherings and more human interaction with the babies.

As people continue to stay indoors, more and more wildlife has made appearances in the oddest places. 

Back in April, a huge moose was spotted in Orillia, Ontario, roaming around residential areas for three days and getting lots of attention from locals.

This beaver is just one of the many animals thriving in the quiet new GTA  and clearly they're wilding out. 

These creatures may be fun to watch, but they need their space. City officials in Toronto have asked people to keep distance with wildlife for your safety and theirs. 

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