If Ontarians were looking for a free sound and light show in the city last night, they sure got it! In the early hours of Tuesday morning, a massive thunderstorm in Ontario rolled through the province, waking up residents from Ottawa to Toronto. According to tweets from the people in Ottawa, the storm was so strong that it felt like the world was ending, with recorded winds of up to 103.4 km/h rocking the capital city.

On Tuesday afternoon, experts warned Ontario residents about the incoming storm, as severe weather warnings were put in place by Environment Canada province-wide. By approximately 1:30 a.m., people in Ottawa were starting to wake up, gathering at their windows to watch the spectacular and terrifying light show that was taking place outside.

As the storm continued into the early hours, residents took to Twitter to share photos and videos of the extreme thunder and lightning, as well as to connect with others who had been disturbed by the noise. In a post on Tuesday night, one user wrote, “Hello fellow Ottawans who have been woken up by this crazy storm and are now angrily checking Twitter until they either go back to sleep or have to drag their tired arse into work! How are ya? #ONStorm.”

In response, another Twitter user agreed, “That was a STORM!”

As the storm lasted for up to an hour in some areas, residents were able to capture some great footage of the mayhem. Sharing her own video clip of the storm, one Twitter user wrote, “Looks like I wasn’t the only person mesmerized by tonight’s #ONStorm. Quite the impressive show #Thor put on.”

The same person responded to their own post shortly after, writing, “And the lightning has started up again. This is the show that never ends.”

Several social media users also took to Twitter to express their disbelief about how far this storm seemed to have reached. As residents shared their experiences of the storm from across southern Ontario, others were surprised to learn how far away it had been felt!

One user wrote, “let me get this straight, the whole province of Ontario is having a huge ass storm???? ALL OF US? ONE BIG ASS PROVINCE HAVING ONE BIG ASS STORM??really? ”

Another person experiencing the storm wrote, “It's in OTTAWA TOO?!?!? I literally live 300km away!”

Luckily for those in Ontario who don’t like this stormy weather, The Weather Network is predicting a damp-but-storm-free end to the week, with highs of 21°C this weekend.

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