Ottawa's latest initiative aims to put an end to conversion therapy in Canada. One city councillor's support for banning the practice has resulted in some messages defending it. Now they have a statement of their own for all of those people.

Catherine McKenney, who has been spearheading a motion to ban conversion therapy with Mayor Jim Watson, has apparently heard from individuals claiming that the practice is not that bad.

In response, McKenney had a strong message to share.

"For everyone sending me messages today explaining why conversion therapy is really ok ... read the f’ing room!" they wrote in an August 26 tweet.

The largely condemned and discredited practice aims to change an individual's sexual orientation or gender identity through medication or counseling.

Mckenney even had to get into it with someone replying to an earlier message on their timeline.

The user suggested the city council should just focus on their own jurisdictions and included a photo of construction materials.

"Conversion therapy can lead to suicide other serious mental health issues Jerry," Mckenney responded, "Let’s try to show some compassion. There lots of time to pick up traffic cones."

The councillor,  who identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns "they" and "them," is no stranger to dealing with negativity.

Last year, they shared a hateful email they had received on Twitter, using it as an example of the things the LGBTQ+ community still has to deal with.

"Just in case anyone thinks there isn’t more work to do, especially for queer youth & others struggling with their sexual orientation or gender email I received to my City account," McKenney wrote, "Hug a queer kid today! #LGBTQ2S"

Ottawa Citizen reporter Jon Willing noted in a tweet that the City Council likely can't write legislation to ban conversion therapy.

However, Mayor Watson will introduce a motion to denounce the practice, which will be examined at the next City Council meeting in September.

He has also urged the prime minister to reinstate a bill from March that would completely ban conversion therapy throughout Canada.

The bill, which would have criminalized the practice, could not move forward due to limited parliamentary action this year.

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