NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has taken to social media to call-out Justin Trudeau for “taking Indigenous kids to court.” After a successful meeting between the two leaders earlier this month, Singh is now urging Trudeau to cancel his appeal on the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling, which ordered the federal government to pay billions of dollars to First Nations children and their families.

On November 14, Jagmeet Singh came away from his first meeting with the Prime Minister praising Trudeau's “openness,” and his commitment to Indigenous justice.

However, sharing a video from court today, it seems Singh is feeling less-positive about his communications with Trudeau, as he called out the Liberal leader for continuing with his appeal on the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling.

Earlier this year, the tribunal found that the federal government had “wilfully and recklessly” discriminated against Indigenous children living on-reserve, by not properly funding child and family services.

The tribunal ruling ordered that Ottawa must pay billions of dollars in compensation to First Nations children and their families, who ended up getting separated by a “chronically underfunded child-welfare system.”

In early-October, Trudeau’s government challenged the tribunal’s September ruling and asked the Federal Court to review the findings.

Now, as the hearings are being held this week, Jagmeet Singh is calling on the Prime Minister to drop the appeal, asking him to “Stop taking Indigenous kids to court.”

Sharing a video to Twitter on Tuesday morning, Singh wrote, "At Federal Court this morning with a simple message to PM Trudeau: Stop taking Indigenous kids to court – drop the appeal."

During the short clip, Singh explained, "What should happen in this case is: the government should drop the appeal and fund Indigenous kids equally, and make sure those who are discriminated against get compensated."

He goes on, "It just makes sense. It's fairness. We're going to fight for that."

Singh has been calling on the Prime Minister to take action and drop the appeal for several weeks, and he vowed to bring-up the issue with Trudeau during their first meeting post-election.

After their discussion, Singh told reporters that although Trudeau didn’t make a firm commitment to dropping the appeal on the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling, he didn’t “close the door” on dropping it either.

However, it seems Trudeau has made no concrete steps to stop the government's appeal on the tribunal, causing Singh to vent his frustrations on social media.

In September, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ordered Ottawa to pay compensation to every First Nations child affected by the on-reserve child welfare system since 2006. 

This followed a 2016 tribunal decision that found the federal government discriminated against First Nations children by underfunding the on-reserve child welfare system.

The decision to challenge the order has drawn condemnation from First Nations leaders, the NDP, the Green Party, and human rights organizations like Amnesty International.

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