It's not easy being short when the Prime Minister is so tall! Justin Trudeau's height means that two federal ministers actually had to stand on boxes to be almost as tall as him at a press conference. They were both wearing heels but still needed a boost.

During a press conference on September 16, the Prime Minister was joined by members of his cabinet including Chrystia Freeland, Mary Ng and Pablo Rodriguez.

They, and other ministers, have been on a three-day cabinet retreat to discuss the pandemic and the return of parliament this month.

Before the conference began, you could see boxes placed strategically behind the podium where Trudeau would be speaking from.

When he and the ministers walked in, Freeland and Ng took their places behind the Prime Minister and stood on those boxes.

That's because they're both quite a bit shorter than Trudeau is.

Freeland and Ng were both wearing heels but even that didn't really help all that much.

For them to be in line with him for the cameras, they needed to a bit of a height boost.

Even when they were up on the boxes behind Trudeau, the two ministers still weren't quite as tall as him.

Trudeau is said to be six feet two inches which makes him one of the tallest world leaders.

The Prime Minister is also a bit taller than minister Rodriguez but unlike Freeland and Ng, it's not enough of a difference to make him stand on a box to get in the shot.

Trudeau's height has actually led to another world leader's measurements to be called into question.

In group photos from G7 summits in 2018 and 2019, the Liberal leader looks taller than U.S. President Donald Trump who is supposed to be six foot three inches.

Maybe Trudeau was wearing shoes with a bigger heel both times?

Trudeau's press conferences are often full of unexpected moments. 

At a press conference a week earlier where Trudeau announced the Black Entrepreneurship Program, he was caught off guard by a huge round of applause.

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