If you typically park your car on the streets of downtown Ottawa you might want to reconsider since there are numerous Canada Day road closures. As Canada's Capital prepares to celebrate Canada Day on July 1, the city's bylaw has put out a warning to drivers. If your car is in the downtown core tonight, it will probably be gone when you wake up. 

In order to accommodate the massive Canada Day party on Parliament Hill and in other areas nearby, numerous streets are going to be closed in the downtown core starting from 6 AM on Monday until 2 AM on Tuesday. To make sure these roads are completely cleared off and ready for pedestrians, Ottawa Bylaw officers are going on a major towing-spree tonight. 

In a tweet original posted on Friday, Ottawa Bylaw said, "we will begin towing vehicles out of the Canada Day special event zones in the downtown core starting at 12:30 a.m. on July 1st to ensure roads are clear for festivities. Please remember this when parking Sunday night." 

To make sure residents don't forget about this towing-spree they have also put up "Special Event" signs to remind the public of the new towing zones throughout downtown Ottawa. In another tweet, By-law says "Special event signs will be put out for the weekend festivities. Please remember to keep an eye out for them when looking for parking." 

As for the road closures themselves, there are a lot of them. If you are planning to go downtown Monday for the festivities, plan on walking or taking public transit because driving will be pretty much impossible.

You can view a complete map of the closures here

Ottawa's official Canada Day celebrations are spread out over three different locations: Parliament Hill, Major's Hill Park, and the Canadian Museum of History. The programming includes free concerts, activities, and fireworks at nighttime. 

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