Canadians have already had to deal with some pretty cold and snowy weather, but one of the worst parts of winter is heading right for the nation's capital. In Ottawa freezing rain is expected tonight, and there's already been a special weather statement issued for the city.

Environment Canada's statement, issued at 6:39 a.m. this morning, warns of freezing rain beginning tonight and leading into Saturday. This bout of bad winter weather will be brought on by an incoming east coast storm.

The icy rainfall is expected to continue into Saturday, and eventually transition into snow in the evening. Environment Canada is also predicting "strong gusty winds and colder temperatures."

The temperature for today and Saturday will peak at 3 degrees but will drop off to -2 on Sunday, according to Environment Canada's own forecast. Sunday evening will also be extra chilly, as the temperature drops to -14.

Freezing rain can cause plenty of problems for drivers and pedestrians. Combined with snowfall, it can mean plenty of slips and even a few falls.

Ottawa isn't the only city in the province that's going to be getting cold and wet over the weekend. Most of southern Ontario can also expect to see rainy conditions on Saturday.

Cities in and around the GTA can also expect to see some snow accumulation overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

While the temperatures won't be at their lowest, the cold will roll into the region on Sunday.

Canadians shouldn't get too down about the weather just yet. According to The Weather Network, there won't be too many long periods of sustained cold weather leading into the holidays. 

Of course, there's still plenty of time left for things to get nasty during the winter, even if it is expected to be shorter than the last one.

If you're planning any activities this weekend, you might want to stick to things you can do inside.

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