Calling all vehicle-owners! If you’ve been waiting for the opportune moment to fill up your tank, do it right now. Ottawa gas prices are currently the lowest they’ve been since 2016, and the costs just keep on dropping.

Citizens of Ottawa should be lining up at the pumps today, as the city’s gas prices have had yet another huge drop.

According to, which tracks the cost of fuel across the capital, prices are as low as 81.9 cents per litre in stations like Costco. Additionally, Drummonds and Canadian Tire locations are selling gas for just over 82 cents per litre.

If you’re struggling to remember a time when fuel was this cheap in the city, there’s good reason for that. This is the lowest price you will have paid for petrol since 2016. Ka-ching!

Earlier this week, you could expect to pay 10 cents more per litre for regular, as prices averaged around the 96 cents per litre mark.

This latest drop follows the Gas Wizard’s prediction, as he told Narcity earlier this week that fuel costs would continue to fall across Ontario.

Similar trends have been seen across the province, as gas continues to become more budget-friendly in Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, Sudbury and even more!

That said, if you’re thinking of filling up, don’t leave it too late.

According to the Gas Wizard, also known as Dan McTeague, these incredible prices aren’t going to stick around forever.

In fact, according to a tweet from the former MP, they could increase again as early as Thursday. While it will only be by 1 cent per litre, it’s worth trying to get the lowest price possible!

The downward trend in prices at the pumps have been observed across Canada, and its believed to be partially related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to Global News, the collapse of an oil agreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia, combined with less demand for oil amid novel coronavirus concerns, is the reason that filling up just got cheaper. 

Whatever you had planned this afternoon, cancel it, and get ready to queue at the pumps instead!

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