Just when you thought that winter in the capital city was almost over, the biggest snowstorm of the year has arrived to prove us all wrong. As heavy snow continues to fall across eastern Ontario, Ottawa’s commute has been affected. Only half of the usual number of trains were running on the O-Train Line 1 on Thursday morning, two of which became immobilized on the tracks. 

With up to 40 centimetres of snow expected during Ontario’s two-day snowmageddon, the city's transit services have already been affected by the slushy conditions. 

According to the Ottawa Citizen, only half of the O-Train Line 1 trains were running during peak commuting hours on Thursday morning. 

Two of these trains actually ended up stopped on the tracks, with one “immobilized” at Rideau Station due to power issues, and another stopped at Tremblay Station at around 7 a.m. 

While Rideau Transit Maintenance has seven vehicles currently operating with headways of around eight minutes, this is double their goal of every four minutes during peak periods.

Although school buses have been cancelled, the OC Transpo bus service is having operational issues, too.

One Twitter user reported seeing “2 jack-knifed buses in Stittsville,” going on to add, “2 more jackknifed buses on the ramp at Moodie, blocking traffic.”

The City of Ottawa warned commuters that Thursday’s traffic and transit would be much slower than usual.

For this reason, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson urged locals to work from home wherever possible, in order to “Help our crews with cleanup, as well as keep our streets safe.”

An Environment Canada winter storm warning remains in effect for Ottawa, and across eastern Ontario.

Heavy snow resumed falling at around 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, expected to continue into the evening. Total snowfall amounts could reach 40 centimetres in some areas by tonight.

In a tweet this morning, the Ottawa Paramedic Service urged everybody on the roads to be extra wary. 

“Please drive carefully by adjusting your speed accordingly and leaving plenty of room while following other motorists,” they wrote.

“Keep the #MoveOver Law in mind and protect your emergency responders.”

Stay safe, Ottawa!

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