Despite this week’s pleasant temperatures in Ottawa, we’re in for a nasty few days ahead. According to the Ottawa weather forecast, we should prepare for snow flurries on Friday and Saturday, with temperatures dropping below freezing. Ouch.

Just when you thought the snow and frost was finally gone for the season, it’s back with a nasty surprise ahead of the weekend.

If you were hoping to head out and enjoy Ottawa’s newly reopened park areas, think again, because temperatures on Thursday evening will drop to as low as -3 C.

If that wasn’t enough, residents of the capital should also expect some rain and flurries throughout the next few days.

According to Environment Canada, showers will start at around 1 p.m. on Thursday, despite the warm temperatures of 15 C.

While the rain is expected to ease off into the evening, there’s a 40 percent chance of flurries taking over. 

Additionally, there’s also something in the forecast for storm-chasers. The government agency predicts that a thunderstorm could be coming early this evening, before conditions eventually drop to -3 C. Yikes!

If you were hoping to see improvements into Friday, I’m afraid there’s bad news.

The start of the weekend will be pretty similar, with chances of rain and flurries throughout the day. It’s going to get windy, too, and temperatures won’t reach higher than 7 C.

Into Saturday, it’s going to get colder again, with overnight temperatures of -3 C. While this will rise to 6 C by midday, don’t expect it to get any warmer.

Saturday night’s low will be near -2 C. In some parts of the city, this could drop to -6 C, which would make it one of the coldest May days in Ottawa's history.

On Sunday, skies will still be grey and cloudy, but temperatures will reach expected highs of 8 C.

Despite all of this bad news, Ottawa Weather Records predicts that this will be the last snow of the season.

We'll have to see it to believe it!

Even more encouragingly, the long-range weather forecast from Environment Canada predicts a long, warm summer, with temperatures that are perfect for "beer-drinking."

We can dream, right?

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