Spring is finally on its way, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that Ottawa's weather was finally starting to improve. While there’s a full weekend of gorgeous, sunny conditions expected ahead, don’t get used to it! Winter will be back with a bang as early as next week, and temperatures will plummet to below -18 C once again. 

Before you pull out your t-shirts and your sunscreen, you should check the forecast. While Southern Ontario will be treated to temperatures approaching double digits on Sunday, it's not going to last for very long.

According to The Weather Network, this weekend's spring-like weather in Ottawa is just going to be a temporary blip.

Winter is expected to return with a vengeance by Wednesday, and the capital city will see snow, rain and strong winds during the week ahead.

Meteorologists are predicting a "more wintry" pattern as February draws to a close, and our hopes of an early spring have already been dashed.

You can expect to be snow shovelling your driveway again by the end of next week, as flurries and snowstorms will be returning on both Wednesday and Thursday.

While it's "too soon" to predict the seriousness of the upcoming storm, The Weather Network warns that, "A high-impact storm will form over the eastern U.S and track into Canada with heavy snow on the back side of the system."

Temperatures will also fall dramatically, with lows of -18 C returning during the first few days of March.

Luckily for anybody in the province with outdoor plans this weekend, a milder air has moved into Ontario, bringing comfortable temperatures of 7 C and higher in many areas.

Sadly, this warm air won’t stick around, as two systems are expected to return to the region early next week, bringing cold air and below freezing conditions once again.

By Thursday, expect to have your hat and gloves back on, as there will be lows of -9 C and -15 C into next weekend.

Only last week, Ottawa was officially the coldest capital city in the world, so it’s hardly surprising that the pleasant forecast isn’t set to last.

As the city’s cold weather warnings continue, it’s probably best we don’t get too excited for spring just yet.

Regardless of what lies ahead, get out and enjoy the temperate weather this weekend.

Who knows how long it will be until we see another spring day?!

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