Many things were halted at the start of the year as COVID-19 just began rolling up its sleeves, one of which was an RCMP salary negotiation.   

The RCMP, which is the national police service of Canada, not only wants a raise but has been wanting one for some time now, according to CBC.

It appears the police task force has not seen a pay increase since 2016, which was the last time their salary was updated on the website.

They were supposed to start negotiating back in March of this year but COVID-19 halted any meetings about compensation. 

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$53,000 - $86,110

Salary of a constable 


Now, months later, Brian Sauvé, president of the National Police Federation that represents the RCMP, says that conversations surrounding the salary raises are back on. 

"They've been obviously without a raise for going on four years now, four and a bit," Sauvé told CBC. "We want to be fairly compensated."

The goal, he said, is to put the force on the same playing field as other police agencies.

Figures showcase that a constable currently makes anywhere between $53,000 and $86,110, where a sergeant possibly makes between $109,000 and a little over $112,000.

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