A homemade lawn sign that threatens to "shoot every 3rd Liberal" was seen in Ottawa on Monday, September 23. The official Conservative party lawn sign that is beside the homemade one has since been removed from that property. Justina McCaffrey, the Conservative candidate from that riding, has denounced the sign on social media, saying that political violence will not be tolerated. 

The homemade sign is propped up by thin wood planks, supporting a whiteboard that reads, "We shoot every 3rd liberal, 2nd one just left" in black marker.

Some people have said it is obviously just a joke, while others are taking it much more seriously. 

“OK… I must admit to struggling with this but I decided that by being silent I would not do right by my team or by my beliefs that politics should be civil,” said Karen McCrimmon on Twitter, the Liberal candidate for the Kanata-Carleton riding in Ottawa.

“When we see an example of intolerance or suggestions of violence, we must challenge them,” she wrote in the tweet.

Justina McCaffrey, whose lawn sign was posted up beside the homemade one, has also responded, tweeting, "Threats of political violence have no place in our democracy. I’ve instructed my campaign to remove our sign from this property."

There seemed to be camaraderie between the two opposing parties on this issue. This isn't the first time Liberals and Conservatives have worked together. This also isn't the first time Conservatives have been in trouble. The two parties have worked against each other much in the past, so it was nice to see them seeing eye to eye on this one.

Some Twitter users think that more should have been done on McCaffrey's part.

Others have commended McCaffrey for her response: 

McCrimmon has confirmed that the sign has been reported to the Ottawa Police.

Global News reports that a spokesperson for McCrimmon said the sign was located in the western part of the riding. The spokesperson said that the campaign "takes incidents of this nature very seriously and has alerted the local police for their review."

CBC News found that the sign is in front of a private residence in Constance Bay.

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