Ed the cat from Ottawa is Canada’s latest viral sensation, after a video of him on the social media app TikTok was viewed more than 10 million times and shared hundreds of thousands of times, worldwide. The 13-second video, which features Ed clapping, waving and "dancing" to the 1954 hit Mr. Sandman, could possibly be probably the most adorable thing you’ll ever watch. Thankfully, according to his 17-year-old owner, this won’t be the last Canada will see of Ed!

Ed, who is named after Ed Sheeran, rose to fame last week, when his Grade 12 owner took a video of him dancing to Mr Sandman on TikTok, an app designed for mini music videos and short video clips. 

Speaking to CBC News, owner Jade Taylor-Ryan explained, "I was just like scrolling through the TikTok feed, and I saw another user make a video with the Mr. Sandman song and the nine-person filter that I used ... and the idea just kind of came into my head and I was like, 'oh, maybe I should try this with my cat.’"

Less than a week later, the video has gone completely viral and has been shared across multiple social media platforms, worldwide. At the time of writing, the original TikTok video had more than 10 million views, 1.7 million likes and Taylor-Ryan had gained more than 51,000 followers.

Taylor-Ryan explained to CBC, "I didn't think it would go this viral or anything, I just made it because I thought it was a good idea."

However, the video did go viral, and the response has been pretty phenomenal. After the video was shared thousands of times on Twitter, users quickly began sharing their thoughts on the "sandman cat," with one person writing, “I can't stop thinking about the sandman cat tik tok.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “I was feeling super sad but all I had to do to fix it was watch the mr sandman cat [on] tik tok 8 times.”

In response to the sudden interest in her cat, Taylor-Ryan decided to create Ed his own Instagram account, using the handle @thesandmancat. Already, the account has more than 26,000 followers, with each of Ed’s photos receiving countless comments of love and appreciation.

It seems that the "Sandman cat" is not the only one suddenly getting attention, as Taylor-Ryan told CBC News that she has also had her moment in the spotlight. She explained, “I've had a bunch of people in the younger grades DM me on Instagram. They're like, 'Oh, I didn't know you went to my school, I can't wait to see you in the halls and stuff.'”

Fortunately for any Sandman cat fans, Taylor-Ryan has no intention of stopping their TikTok videos, revealing that she has a few new ideas up her sleeve for their next clip together.

Even better, it seems that Ed is pretty easy going when it comes to new videos, and is quite happy to just go with the flow. "He's very chill.... If you pick him up, he doesn't really care. I know that some of my friends' cats, if you pick them up they'll try to scratch you and stuff, but Ed just like relaxes and sits there," Taylor-Ryan explained.

You can keep up with all of Ed’s latest videos and all of his adventures on his Instagram account, @thesandmancat.

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