It looks like Ontario won’t be rocking out this summer. Roxodus Festival has been cancelled. The festival, which was set to feature several huge rock acts including Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Nickelback, Alice Cooper and more, has been shut down. The organizers of Roxodus cancelled the fest due to “unfeasible” weather conditions.

News of the event’s abrupt cancellation shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to those who have been following its progress. Rumours about issues surrounding the hard rock festival have been circulating since this weekend.

According to Orillia Matters, the four-day event was at one point thought to be relocating to Burl’s Creek, but nothing ever came of that plan. The festival, which scheduled to take place from July 11th to July 14th at the Edenvale Aerodrome, was ultimately cancelled.

Those working behind the scenes were taken aback by the decision to cancel, with some believing they could’ve pulled off the festival with the right amount of effort:

“That much equipment would take a while, and I’ve seen it done, not quite for something this size, but it can be done with the right crew,” said Mikey Cuthbertson, an employee of Music21, an Ontario-based production company who was going to help bring the festival to life.

“Again, I can only speak to what I know and my experience with events is if it wasn’t going to happen, big bands like Aerosmith wouldn’t allow for their name to be used. Stranger things have happened but on our end, its business as usual.”

Ticket-holders were upset to hear that the rock festival had been cancelled due to conditions that many of them thought could’ve easily been prepared for:

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