A popular Belleville area park turned hundreds of beachgoers away over the long weekend. Sandbanks Provincial Park in Ontario cautioned visitors on Sunday that high waters on the St. Lawrence River were limiting their natural beach area. According to The Ottawa Citizen, 200 beach spots and 2,200 parking spaces were lost due to the flooding.

Beachgoers were warned via an automated message put out by the park’s phone line which states: “The beach is reduced in size. With the hot weather and the busy months of July and August upon us, we do anticipate having to close the park due to limited parking and beach area. You may wish to visit during the weekdays when it is not so busy, or after 3:30 on the weekends.”

The high-water levels forced visitors to bunch together on the beach's limited space. Tents and blankets were moved closer together in an attempt to make enough room for beachgoers to enjoy what remains of the area.

The beach cautioned visitors via Twitter on Monday that spaces were filling up fast because of the holiday weekend.

“It's the holiday Monday, Sandbanks has over 300 reservations checking in today. If you are coming to the beach for the day, please arrive early. If you have a reservation please consider arriving after 2:30 p.m, to minimize wait due to volume of day use visitors. Have a great day,” the park warned.

According to Sandbanks regular Charles Nuez who spoke to The Intelligencer, the beach was once a well-kept local secret, but has grown in popularity in recent years.

Belleville wasn’t the only area in Ontario to have its summer fun hindered by flooding. According to CBC, this year’s spring and summer months have also been rough along the northern shores of Lake Ontario.

The Toronto Islands as well several Toronto-area beaches were affected by high water levels. Residents worked tirelessly installing sandbags on the city’s islands back in May to prevent disastrous flooding like the Toronto Islands experienced back in 2017.

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