Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg recently announced the launch of their all-new Canadian brand of recreational cannabis, Houseplant. Right now, the Seth Rogen cannabis brand is only available in British Columbia, both in store and online. On Tuesday, though, Seth Rogen took to the stage at the Collision tech conference in Toronto and said that he plans to bring Houseplant to Ontario.  

Narcity reported on the unveiling of the brand in March 2019. Rogen and Goldberg said at the time that Houseplant focuses on providing the highest quality cannabis product in an environment that's comfortable and accessible for both long-time users and newcomers. One of the brand's main goals is to make Canadians more informed and educated when it comes to smoking cannabis.

During his talk at Collison, Rogen expanded on what it means to be educated when it comes to smoking cannabis. He stated that Houseplant has released a variety of videos - which are both hilarious and informative - to explain things like portion control and other cannabis-related topics. 

Houseplant also provides a variety of cannabis strands that give users different experiences. To showcase this, Houseplant also sells vinyl records featuring music that compliments the experience of smoking the various strains that they sell.

While Goldberg and Rogen were at Collision, they were asked when their new product will be available throughout the rest of Canada. Rogen revealed that they actually had a meeting with the Ontario Cannabis Store on Tuesday to discuss moving Houseplant into Ontario. 

Rogen expressed that he hoped this meeting would allow his company to soon announce their launch of Houseplant in Ontario. But, they don't want to rush the process because they don't want to run out of their product. 

Rogen raises the hopes of Ontarians by stating, "We are building inventory for Ontario right now. Our plan is to come to Ontario after British Columbia and we are excited to do that." 

Rogen also mentioned during the speech that he would also love to expand to America, but they are not comfortable to do so yet because of the environment that surrounds the use of cannabis in America at this time. 

Right now, the Sativa Houseplant strand is the only one available for purchase in British Columbia.

Houseplant has two other strands that they are hoping to have available online soon called Indica and Hybrid. 

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